Courses at MDS

MDS CoursesClassroom TrainingSimulator TrainingPracticals (on Road)Course Duration
Learner’s Course20 hrs.
Advanced Course8 hrs.
Refresher CourseAs reqd.
Customized Corporate CoursesAs reqd.


Some of the major topics covered in the training program include:


  1. Requirements for obtaining Learners’ License
  2. Your responsibilities as a Driver and Road User
  3. Vehicle Controls
  4. Traffic Signals & Control Devices
  5. Getting Started
  6. Rules of the Road
  7. Encountering other road users
  8. Driving in dangerous conditions
  9. In case of accident
  10. Fuel saving tips


  1. Prepare to move off and Moving off
  2. Moving off from behind a car, Stopping the vehicle
  3. MSM & PSL routine, Lane driving
  4. Pull push steering
  5. Emergency stop, Changing gears
  6. Reversing, U-turn
  7. Parallel parking, Perpendicular parking
  8. Parking uphill, moving off uphill, parking downhill, moving off downhill
  9. Roundabout, merging in a major traffic
  10. Overtaking, Keeping safe distance.
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