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As an integral part of its initiative to foster safe driving skills and techniques, MDS has been catering to the needs of various institutional customers across the public sector and the private sector. The courses have been designed to suit the needs of executives, chauffeurs, and other people who are responsible for vehicle handling.

All the regular MDS courses are available to institutional customers. Additionally, in line with the specific needs of its customers, MDS also offers courses on Defensive Driving for Executives and for Chauffeurs.

Moreover, MDS works closely with its corporate clients to customise its course content to suit the precise needs of the institution and the participants.


Pained by the colossal loss of precious life, man-days and money in road accidents, Maruti Driving School has been promoting road safety education and helps to master the techniques and practices of safe driving. It has been noticed that people straightaway take to driving once they handle vehicle controls without properly understanding how a vehicle responds under different circumstances or how they should respond to it. This lack of understanding can lead to dangerous situation for the vehicle user, its occupants and other road users.

Refresher training for your executives includes:

  • a. Safe driving practices
  • b. Rules of the road
  • c. Law and driving
  • d. Causes and prevention of accidents
  • e. Fuel conservation
  • f. First aid etc.


Well trained drivers are asset for any company. They are the brand ambassadors of an organisation while driving on roads. Expertise of a well-trained driver not only enhances the safety and ease of the passengers he is carrying, but also improves the productivity of the company. Well trained drivers definitely reflect on your company and your commitment to safety of your personnel and towards other road users.

Our refresher training for drivers includes ‘Driving Skill Evaluation of your drivers’ and Psychometric Screening on various personality traits like – Rule Breaking, Intense Reaction, Attention and Orientation, Alcohol abuse etc.

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