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Safe driving on today’s roads requires a higher level of confidence and competence than ever before. The reasons for it are manifold — bad roads, poor traffic planning, untrained drivers and exponentially increasing number of vehicles, to name just a few.

Welcome to the world of Maruti Driving School (MDS), the only technology enabled and well researched driving training programme in the country. This programme helps to master the techniques and practices of safe driving, using step-by-step approach that enables the trainee to gain proficiency in automobile driving that is comprehensive, yet fun to do.

Started in the year 2005, MDS has a network of schools spread across length and breadth of the country. MDS has successfully trained both the sets of countless customers – the novice who wishes to begin, and the driving enthusiast who is looking for that professional touch to enhance his / her skill.
We use specifically designed simulators to provide virtual experience of driving a car in the safe environs of a classroom. We, at Popular Maruti Driving School, believe that mere mastering of vehicle controls cannot be the end of a training programme – change of attitude, imbibing road safety, respecting other road user’s rights and defensive driving techniques are the true features that make a driving training programme comprehensive.

The salient features of Popular Maruti Driving School include:

  • MDS Instructors are trained and certified at IDTR, Delhi after a rigorous training program.
  • World class car simulators for imparting driving training. It also simulates a variety of conditions such as night driving, hill driving, road and light conditions.
  • A curriculum that comprises comprehensive theory, simulator and practical sessions.
  • Lady instructors for the benefit and comfort of women trainees.
  • Well maintained fleet of air conditioned cars.
  • Maruti Certification on passing out.
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